About us

Dongguan Zhonghui Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, has rich experience of automated planning in the plastic electronics industry. The company adopts modern management pattern, the use of advanced technology and sophisticated equipment to create electronics related machinery and equipment, which can satisfy customers and can enable customers to low their investment cost and to produce high quality products. Relying on its own strong technical strength and good marketing ability, the company has developed into a modern enterprise specializing in the production of plastic electronics, shoe-making auxiliary mechanical equipment, design, manufacturing, sales and service. Now the company has developed into a transnational enterprise, under which there are Zhonghui Hong Kong International Industrial Co., Ltd. and Vietnam Beining Dazheng Technology Co., Ltd. Products sell well in southeast Asia and across the country. The company provides direct sales and after-sales service in southeast Asia and a number of cities in China.

The products independently developed by the company include mold thermostat, plastic crusher, dryer, mixer, industrial water cooler, automatic suction machine, manipulator, industrial oven, UV curing machine, conveying line, automation, nonstandard fixture, double alloy pipe screw and so on. Product technology and indicators reach international standards. Integrity and quality are the company’s purposes. Good quality service and the highest performance cost are the