◎TAIWAN manufactured semi-hermetic twin screw compressor, bearing life is long, can ensure long-term operation;

◎Condenser and evaporator are in line with national demand, high efficiency heat exchange performance, and easy maintenance;

◎Controller enlargement performance is good, which can facilitate the expansion and upgrading of hardware and program.

◎The unique screen protection system can make the life of touch screen more than ten years.

◎Fault inquiry and fault statistics function can analyze the causes of faults according to the sequence number, number and time of faults, so as to improve them;

◎The actual temperature of each point can be checked at any time, and the temperature curve of one hour and one day can be displayed on it.

◎It has the function of remote control switch, and can realize the application of one-time switch and weekly switch



Voltage 3-phase 380V/50HZ, micro-computer control, Panasonic Sanyo compressor, Schneider electrical appliances, water temperature control range of 5-35 C, temperature control accuracy of positive and negative 2 C, protection device, reverse phase, phase-gap protection, compressor overload, pump overload, current, temperature protection, compressor high and low voltage protection.

。Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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