◎Emergency stop chain protection;

◎Safety door chain protection;

◎IInterlocking protection for safety of in-mould pick-up;

◎Clear LCD display;

◎The dialog box display operation can quickly eliminate the source of failure and greatly improve the maintenance efficiency.

◎Product clamp, suction and holding function;

◎The pneumatic parts of the machine adopt world famous brands:

◎ Korean light friction cylinder and air valve; French precision speed regulating joint; Japanese high-quality high-frequency air duct, high-stability variable-frequency motor, servo motor and driver; German special robot cable;

◎ The arm is made of high strength aluminium profile with precise linear sliding rail, which has high speed, high rigidity, small vibration, wear resistance and long service life.

◎ Precision filter with high precision can effectively ensure the normal operation of pneumatic components of the whole machine and improve the service life of the machine.



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