◎The temperature can be precisely controlled by a microcomputer. The unique design of downdraft duct can evenly disperse hot air, keep the plastic dry, keep the heat preservation stable and improve the drying efficiency. ◎Full digital P.I.D control, LED status display;

◎The appearance is novel and bright.

◎Overheating protection device can reduce accidents caused by man-made or mechanical failure.

◎One-week timing automatic switch to achieve the purpose of power saving;

◎XCD-80U and above adopt open material door, which has good sealing and easy cleaning.

◎XCD-1200U and below are equipped with stainless steel bracket and aluminum base. ◎XCD-1500U and above model manual butterfly valve;

◎XCD-1500U and above can be equipped with protective ladder.

◎When high temperature type is selected, the whole machine is fully insulated.

◎Europeanized suction box, Europeanized scaffold, gate magnet, magnetic base (aluminium or stainless steel), fan inlet filter, hot air reclaimer, exhaust air filter can be selected and matched. ◎When changing toEurocode safety circuit, add “CE”to the model.


Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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