◎ The application of water cooler in the cooling of plastic processing machine forming die can greatly improve the surface smoothness of plastic products, reduce the surface markings and internal stress of plastic products. It is a product that does not shrink and deform, facilitates the saliva of plastic products, accelerates the product finalization, and greatly improves the production efficiency of plastic forming machine.

◎New well-known brand compressors and high efficiency shell-and-tube condensers and evaporators combined, super-compulsory cooling, quiet and power saving;

◎ P.I.D Microcomputer Full Function Control, Easy to Operate, Can Accurately Control Water TemperatureIn the range of 3 C to 50 C;

◎Special new design of stainless steel open water tank, easy to clean and repairPerfect internal current overload protection, high and low voltage and electronic time delaySafety protection, device and abnormal indication system;

◎ Screen colleagues LCD display cold water outlet, cold water inlet and equipment set temperature

◎It has single machine, double machine and four machine combination, and has high energy efficiency.

◎Through industrial modelling design, the appearance is beautiful and the man-machine relationship is optimized.


Voltage 3-phase 380V/50HZ, micro-computer control, Panasonic Sanyo compressor, Schneider electrical appliances, water temperature control
range of 5-35 C, temperature control accuracy of positive and negative 2 C, protection device, reverse phase, phase-gap protection, compressor
overload, pump overload, current, temperature protection, compressor high and low voltage protection.
。Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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